I am delighted with Jermaine and the service he provides. He listened carefully to my goals, and after asking some additional questions he constructed a fitness plan perfectly tailored to me. During our sessions I feel he gives 100% of his attention. He fully explains everything, from how to perform exercises correctly, to why I’m doing them, and when I need to make adjustments as I get tired. Overall my experiences with Jermaine have been fantastic and I have nothing but praise for him.
— Marco
Fun, tough and motivating, I loved the use of the natural landscape creating obstacles for the boot camp and Jermaine made sure I worked hard but wasn’t broken by the end of the session. This was a great workout, much more enjoyable than the gym!
— Mel
Good trainer relationship. Constant praise/motivation as well as key feedback on how to improve technique to get the most out of the exercise.
— Adam
The session was well run and organised, the warm up was very thorough and prepared us for the session. During the activities we had the opportunity to choose our own intensity to suit our ability and clear instructions and demonstrations were given for each exercise.

Overall it was an enjoyable session.

— Tom
The organisation of the circuits were great, the tasks were well structured and the breaks in between worked well for me to be able to get my breath back. Loved the fact that I was able to do an easier option as I was not as fit as the rest of the group but the relationship and motivation from Jermaine helped me to feel a lot better and keep going.

Really great training session!
— Nicky
The activities where varied and engaged all participants due to differentiated exercises. Jermaine was very motivational during the session, giving me words of encouragement throughout, spurring me on to work harder. Jermaine corrected my technique on the bent over row, allowing me to gain a greater range of movement during the exercise. A very enjoyable yet physically challenging session. Thank you.
— Michael
Jermaine led an enjoyable session with a variety of exercises to ensure a whole body and cardio workout. He was clear in his demonstrations and was happy to cover anything that needed clarifying. Jermaine was able to show how each exercise could be extended or simplified (as appropriate) in order that we could all make maximise our session with him.
— Pip
Circuit was all set up upon arrival, each station was demonstrated which reassured me to ensure I performed the correct technique. The variation of the exercises was a good mix, which kept all interested at all times during the session. Good to work in pairs and push each other on, positive feedback throughout from Jermaine including tips to help with technique or execution of exercises.
— Peter